Trash Cleanups on Chicago Ave!

As long as Arcade has existed, we have been on the Eastside of Riverside. Eastside is our home, and quite literally for one of our owners, who lived on the eastside for most of Arcade’s existence. We love being a part of this community and meeting the businesses, art projects, and individuals that also belong to this community. Each person/organization in the Eastside doesn’t just want to make Riverside better, but specifically wants to make Eastside better.

Other than getting to serve good coffee in this community, we always look for ways to be a better part of this neighborhood. One way is our weekly trash cleanups. 

Each week, for about 15-20 weeks, we walked on Chicago Ave. to clean up trash. We did this w/ the help of our awesome customers and community. Although we had to put a halt on this during COVID, we will be back soon to continue cleaning up the Eastside. As of right now, we have estimated to have filled up 40 bags of trash, which amounts to around 75-100lbs of garbage. So cool what we are able to do together!

We will back to edit this post w/ updates on this project!