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Single Origin

Vamay - Costa Rica

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Wet mill: Vamay
Altitude: 1,900 MASL
Region: Tarrazu
Sub-Region: El Vapor, Santa Maria de Dota
Farm Size: 10 hectareas (planted with coffee) there is also a lot of mountain area and prairie
Variety(s): Catuai, Typica Mejorado, Mokka, Geisha, Pacamara, Caturra, Catimor, Costa Rica 95
Whole Bean Coffee
Vamay - Costa Rica

Tasting Notes

Green Grape, Hazelnut, Dried Apple





Mayra and Family

Combining the names of their farm, Vapor, and the mother of the household, Mayra, the micro mill called Vamay was created just recently out of necessity. The family has a deep tradition of growing coffee, but only began to process their own fruit this harvest. Mayra and her 3 children had been noticing, for some time, that simply delivering their fruit to large mills was continually putting them in the red financially. They dreamed of a time when there would be more transparency and economic motivation to continue the passion they have for their beloved farm. In early 2020, Delfina, Mayra’s eldest daughter completed her university studies as the Covid-19 Pandemic took its grip over the world. It made finding a job out of college practically impossible for Delfina and she had to help the family business, which was suffering. Her older brother, Eduardo, who works at the local elementary school and is also extremely passionate and involved in coffee - suggested that the family come together and try processing their coffee. They all agreed as they wanted to keep the farm, protect the land, and continue the tradition. The whole idea is not to grow in volume, but to produce quality coffee and create a business that cares for its people and environment. They are proud to be women lead as a coffee project and demonstrate to their peers what is possible to achieve. Vamay’s mission is to be a steward of coffee production for their consuming counterparts. In processing, they have found that drying technique is of the utmost importance and consider themselves specialized in this critical part of processing. Alto El Vapor has been in the family for a long time. Mayra’s father gave her a piece of the farm and split the rest up amongst her other siblings as well. At the time, Mayra was a little sad with the area she received as it was difficult to access and it was considered too high and cold to plant coffee. Over the years, Mayra and her family created roads to reach the farm and turned the pasturelands into coffee plantations, always with quality in mind. As the climate changed and became warmer the highest part of the mountain area known as Vapor turned into a perfect climate for coffee. Their farm also encompasses reserved forest and wildlife areas as well as water sources used for the town of Santa Maria below. The family is dedicated to protecting it.