Single Origin

Los Milagros - Nicaragua

Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Producer: Mario & Angelica
Altitude: 1,400 MASL
Varieties: Caturra, Red & Yellow Catuai, Maragogype
Process: Washed
Whole Bean Coffee


Los Milagros - Nicaragua

Tasting Notes

Caramel, Nougat, Milk Chocolate





Mario & Angelica

Mario & Angelica's farm is called "The Miracles" (Los Milagros) because it helps their family earn a living. They not only grow coffee but also grow cabbage, carrots, lettuce, potatoes, and more. A walk through their farm helps you understand why it's called The Miracles (Los Milagros), because it produces wonders of vegetables and coffee. In fact, they are transitioning away from vegetables and toward greater coffee production. Their kids are Elmer Leandro and Yader Antonio. When asked why they're converting to coffee from vegetable production, they responded that coffee farming is better for the land.