Single Origin

Lomas Altas SWP Decaf

Jalapa, Guatemala

Farm: Lomas Altas
Region: New Oriente
Town: Aldea Urrlalta
Variety: Caturra, Pache, San Ramon
Processing: Washed
Size of Finca: 46 Hectares
Elevation: 1,800 mts
Rainfall: 1,500 - 2,500 ml
Temperature: 12 - 26 celsius
Water Supply: Natural Spring Water
Shade Trees: Pine trees, Oaks, and Gravileas


Lomas Altas SWP Decaf

Tasting Notes

Dried Apple, Dark Chocolate, Toffee


Swiss Water Process Decaf



Raul Sanchez Agustino

Raul Sanchez of Finca Loma Alta is a leader in the coffee community of Jalapa, and this outstanding farm produces some of the best coffees we’ve had from that region. Because water can be scarce in Jalapa, Raul’s coffee is delivered to us as cherry the same day that it is picked. These lots are remarkably uniform, a sign of careful picking! Our team processes them in Fraijanes and prepares them for export.