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Single Origin

Mutumba - Burundi

Busiga Commune, Ngozi Prozince, Burundi

Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1,500 MASL
Varietals: Bourbon, Jackson Bourbon
Washing Station: Mutumba
Producers: 1,400 Smallholders
Whole Bean Coffee
Mutumba - Burundi

Tasting Notes

Tangerine, Black Tea, Raisin





Various Smallholders

Mutumba Washing Station is one of the 22 stations of Sogestal Kayanza, and it is managed by Mr. Thierry Dusabumuremyi. Its Colline (hill) Mutumba is a small east-west micro-region sitting directly east of the town of Busiga, north west of Ngozi town. The station's catch-basin encompasses smallholder farmers living on the 22 other collines in this part of Busiga Commune. It is a relative newcomer to specialty coffee (only founded in 2012), but it has already proven itself by participating and placing well in Cup of Excellence Competitions. Only 3 years after it first opened, Mutumba took the #5 spot at the 2015 Burundi COE. Coffee here is collected from nearby smallholder growers numbering between 1400 and 2100 depending on the year. The soil is generally volcanic but variable from one hill to another (Hygroxéroferrisol, Hygroferrisol, Ferrisol and Kaolisol).