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Single Origin

La Plaza - Costa Rica

Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Wet mill: Agropecuaria Hellen
Altitude: 1,600 - 1,800 MASL
Region: Tarrazu
Sub-Region: Parritilla
Farm Size: 10 hectares
Variety: Caturra- Catuai
Whole Bean Coffee
La Plaza - Costa Rica

Tasting Notes

Plum, Marzipan, Strawberry





William Mora and Family

William Mora and his family have been growing coffee for three generations. The farms are located in a remote area in Tarrazu called Parritilla and access to the farms is fairly difficult. They have to drive through treacherous dirt roads and phone reception is really bad, even today. William and his wife Olga Alpizar have 5 young kids (Karen, Sandra, Wilberth, Hellen, Alejandra) that are quite involved in the coffee activity. Hellen helps with the processing at the wet mill, samples, paperwork, and accounting of the business. Besides taking care and managing the coffee farm, William also has cattle. He really enjoys this activity as well as the coffee, but their main source of income is coffee. At the Agropecuaria Hellen Micromill they only process naturals; which have been giving them great results! They have found a market that really enjoys their naturals, because of its intense fruit flavors and complexity. This farm located at 1600 masl in Parritilla, the coffee was planted by William and his family 9 years ago when they first bought the farm. They like to keep the farm fertile with organic compost from their cattle. Their cattle are just for their own consumption, but their main activity and source of income is coffee. William’s five kids: Karen, Sandra, Wilberth, Hellen and Alejandra help with all the work in this particular plantation from pruning to fertilizing and all the maintenance in between. During the summer they help process the coffee and take care of the drying stage.