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Single Origin

Finca El Bosque - Colombia

Huila, Colombia

Community: San Isidro

Farm: El Bosque

Variety: Castillo

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1,650 MASL

Whole Bean Coffee


Finca El Bosque - Colombia

Tasting Notes

Golden Raisin, Bakers Chocolate, Red Apple





Ramiro Suarez

Ramiro Suarez, from Tarqui in Huila, was born on January 21st, 1954. He has been producing coffee for 25 years and part of Sanmiguel for 3 years. Ramiro received special training in cultivating and processing specialty coffee in 1978. Ramiro has been in the coffee game for quite some time, but he is always improving his processes and finding ways to increase capacity on the drying beds . The farm is 15 hectares with 13 hectares reserved for growing coffee. Finca El Bosque ‘The Forest’ was inspired by the land, which is heavily forested, great for slow matured cherry and biodiversity. Northern Huila is known to have one harvest period that begins in May and ends in July, where other regions of Colombia are harvesting most of the year. Southern Huila’s harvest season is much later in the year, as most cherry is collected between the months of November and December. Southern Huila municipalities Acevedo, San Augustin and La Plata closely border Cauca Inza and Caquetá and are an hour away from Pitalito by car. One could say, Huila is always blooming and each individual microclimate can be attributed its quality, however, it is truly the work of the producers who meticulously harvest ripe, red cherries during those months along with a refined beneficio.