Single Origin

Finca Alto Bonito - Colombia

Herrera, Tolima, Colombia

Producer: Eduin Hernández & Family
Altitude: 1,800 MASL
Variety: Yellow Caturra
Process: Natural
Whole Bean Coffee
Finca Alto Bonito - Colombia

Tasting Notes

Strawberry Jam, Orange, Brown Sugar





Eduin Hernández & Family

Eduin is a young, ambitious, and modest coffee farmer. He is native to the Herrera community, a very isolated area in the Bilbao municipality of southern Tolima department. The area is one of the more impoverished of the country, due in part to its violent history and the habitual presence of insurgent and/or criminal armed groups for more than a generation and continuing, to a lesser degree of severity, even today. Though his farm consists of but 1.5 hectares and he does not possess some elements of basic farm infrastructure, such as a fermentation tank, he is determined to make that small amount of coffee produces as good as possible. Honey processing can be risky for beginners and is usually undertaken only by well-funded, larger farms in Colombia. Eduin has a young, growing family, and sees differentiated specialty coffee as the way to provide with only a tiny piece of land. For Eduin, it was a risky bet that has paid off and allowed him to achieve specialty cup quality even with his limited on-farm infrastructure. In the short time since December 2017 Eduin has been experimenting and honing in on optimal protocols for honey and natural processing and has been earning nearly 2x Colombian commodity price for his coffee channeled to roasters in USA and Australia via Cedro Alto. Our goal together is to continue to push up the cup quality ceiling and teach other young, small producers in the area to start dry processing and get as excited about them as Eduin is!