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Single Origin

Mukarimu - Kenya

Meru County, Kenya

Altitude: 1,640 - 1,740 MASL

Rainfall: 1250mm - 2500mm

Variety: SL28, SL34, Batian and Ruiru11.

Process: Washed

Whole Bean Coffee


Mukarimu - Kenya

Tasting Notes

Grapefruit, Kiwi, Cane Sugar





Charles Mutwiri

In 1979, Charles inherited 150 coffee trees, producing 700kgs of cherry from his father. Coffee farming was established in the 1970’s by his father Mr. Rintagua. The name Mukarimu is derived from the first two letters of Charles ancestral lineage. Muthuuri – Great Grand Father, Kaguora – Grand Father, Rintagua – Father and Mutwiri – Son and current administrator. Coincidentally it also translates to the Swahili word for Humility. Charles is a change missionary. Using coffee farming, he is involved in community projects that empower coffee farmers through education, mentorship, leadership and character development. In 2017, together with Rev. Jacob Keega they started Thuura Coffee Growers and Thuura Organic Women Coffee and distributed 30,000 coffee seedlings to over 150 farmers. The first harvest of this coffee will be available in 2022. Charles is also the coordinator for IMENYA, a partnership of 32 estate coffee farms in Imenti and Nyambene region of Meru County experience sharing, learning and moral support.