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Single Origin

Gao Shan Hong - China

Yunnan, China

Altitude: 1,300-1,500 MASL
Varietals: P-3, P-4
Harvest: 2021
Whole Bean Coffee
Gao Shan Hong - China

Tasting Notes

Strawberry, Winey, Apple


Carbonic Maceration



Multiple Producers

The Yunnan coffee is a really special coffee for us. It’s brought in by Torch Coffee. Torch is the company Stevie and Shane were at before Arcade. It's is a partnership between lots coffee industry players in China and the Sustainable Coffee Institute with the goal to help poor farmers in China have a better quality of life and stop environmental devastation. We train barista’s and people for cities to come to the mountains of Yunnan and learn about cutting edge processing technology. Then we send them to processing sites to help implement quality control procedures to processing. Torch Coffee invested in a eco processing site that uses zero water and has zero waste water.. These forest are being cut down by farmers facing poverty. We buy cherries at a price that allows farmers a good living without cutting down more forest and teach them to grow coffee under shade of indigenous trees. Carbonic maceration is a pretty fancy word. Carbonic maceration is a term lifted from the wine industry, where whole grapes are fermented without pressing the juice and the wines become fermented inside w/o crushing them. This tends to produce fresh and fruity wines that may not age well but can be consumed quite soon after their production. The idea is that you have a controlled fermentation process in an anearobic environment, meaning w/o the use of oxygen . It sits in a airtight container w/ a valve on top to allow off-gassing.