Create Shared Moments

Arcade exists to enrich lives by inspiring others to create shared moments, relationships, and a sense of belonging for all. Coffee and connecting with others just goes together, right?


The Tasting Room

Weekdays 7am-2pm
Weekends 8am-2pm

3672 Chicago Ave Ste A
Riverside, CA, 92507

Drink Good Coffee

All this stuff is great, but for sure Ask about our seasonal drinks

Eat Good Food


No Tipping Policy

Better Service, No Awkward Experiences

We don’t accept tips. Instead, our employees split 10% of the profits from our coffee bar every quarter. The Profit Share model helps the entire team feel like they own the company in a small way. This encourages everybody on the team to always give their best, and it removes any awkward pressure to leave a tip. Please just enjoy, and come back.