Summer Nights - Chicken n' Waffles

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Summer Nights - Chicken n' Waffles


Chef Ted Burns has been cooking since he was a kid and started his LMTD pop up restaurant project in Redlands 4 years ago. His menus are inspired by local ingredients and international flavors. He also loves creating artisan baked goods and more recently, craft cocktails.

Saturday Sept 8
Come through 7-9pm !


Chicken N’ Waffles
fried Chicken and some delish waffles


Tofu N’ Waffles
Fried Tofu with some waffles or side salad



We love summer nights. I remember when I was young, sitting outside with my family by the pool, eating fresh fruit we had just picked and having pizza and other easy foods and we just chilled. That’s what we want to being to Arcade Summer Nights. A place to sit back, chill with friends and family and have good food. Throughout the summer we will have different chefs come in and use our space to prepare some amazing meals. We promise these will not disappoint.


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