Conversation with Origin: Karl from Direct Origin

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Conversation with Origin: Karl from Direct Origin

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Conversation with Origin: Karl from Direct Origin

Friday March 22nd

Price: $20

Spots available: 20

Time: 9a - 12p

On Friday, March 22nd we are bringing in Karl from Direct Origin to talk coffee. Karl is one of our importers that helps us connect better w/ farmers, brings in some of the greatest Colombian coffee for us, and is making an impact in the lives of farmers. We are going to be cupping some new coffees he is bringing in, learn about coffee economics, the supply chain from top to bottom, and different sustainability efforts. This seminar will be a prefect chance to learn about what is happening in the countries we buy coffee from. It can be confusing to understand, and we want to clear that up. There is no one better than Karl to do that for us.

There is a lot of chatter going around about hardships faced by coffee farmers, especially some apparently low prices they are earning. Did you ever wonder why that is happening and what you can do to help the situation? The answer is pretty complicated, but we are here to clear it up.  It’s important to understand how the global coffee system works in order to understand our place in it know how we can help.

How does your coffee affect the environment? Is ordering your macchiato in a Keep Cup doing your part for sustainability?  Coffee growing systems are quite diverse and carry very different costs of production and environmental impacts. We must understand them and how to verify them so we know which ones to incentivize with our purchase. We are going to help break this down.