W H A T  I S  C U P P I N G ?

Cupping is the scientific way to accurately assess the quality of the coffee. There are 5 main factors of brewing; TIME, TEMPERATURE, TURBULENCE, GRIND SIZE & COFFEE to WATER RATIO. You can check our blog as we update it with info on how these affect brewing. Essentially what we are doing when we are cupping is removing all these different factors that make coffee taste different. We usually cup with three cups for quality control and five cups when we are Q Grading. When we cup coffee we want to taste the quality of the coffee and the quality of the roast, not the the quality of the brew.

The purpose of our classes are to create a fun and approachable way to educate the coffee enthusiasts in specialty coffee, so they can taste and identify the different things that make a certain coffee so great. Also we are all about connecting and creating shared moments, so get some of your friends together and sign up together. Sign ups are a minimum of 4 people.

The Details:
Length: 45 minutes each
Cost: $15 per person
Includes: admission, one 6oz bag of coffee, one free coffee beverage from the bar
Class Times: Saturday 10am-10:45am & 11am-11:45am
Where: Mantra Coffee Co. - 615 N San Gabriel Ave, Azusa, CA 91702
Max Class Size: 20