Shane (left) Stevie (right)  Photo by Angi Welsch Hasemeyer


Shane (left) Stevie (right)  Photo by Angi Welsch Hasemeyer


Hi, we're Arcade.

We want to enrich lives by inspiring others to create shared moments, relationship and a  sense of belonging for all. 

We love the specialty coffee industry and want to be apart of developing the coffee culture in Riverside, CA.  We have had so many unique and amazing experiences while drinking an espresso from a local shop or sharing a cup of coffee with a friend. There is nothing like finding a coffee that takes you on a journey, and we hope to be the ones to introduce you to coffee experiences you've never had before.

We roast Mondays and Tuesdays and just recently our Tasting Room! Copome by and try some of the coffees we roast weekly.

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