Our Effort in Reducing Plastic Use

“We’ve been treating the Earth as if it were a supply house and a sewer. We’ve been grabbing, extracting resources from it for our cars and our hair dryers and our bombs, and we’ve been pouring the waste into it until it’s overflowing. But our earth is not a supply house and a sewer. It is our larger body. We breathe it. We taste it. We are it. And it is time now that we venerate that incredible flowering of life that takes every aspect of our physicality.” - Joanna Macy

For the past couple years we have carried these words with us at Arcade. We have printed them out on pieces of computer paper and taped them in the office, roasting area, and bagging room. To us, it is a small reminder of our responsibility to take care of our home.

 We, at Arcade, want to push our limits and our efforts in everything we do, whether that lies in the way we fold a towel, the moment we share with a customer or the way we make a latte. Believing in the significance of the “small things” is at our core.

 Over the next month, we are going to welcome in a few different methods that impact the environment in a positive way. We have become more informed about the effect that plastic has on Earth and more particularly, the effect that plastic ice cups have. 

 "Around 60 percent of all the plastics we've ever made are on the planet." -PBS

 "A Whopping 91% of Plastic Isn't Recycled.” -National Geographic

 The statistics we found are staggering. Plastic is a growing disaster for the environment. 

It is estimated that around 165 million tons of plastic pieces and debris are in the ocean. We all know that synthetic plastic does not biodegrade but that it sits in landfills and oceans and pollutes the environment. Another troubling fact about plastic is the effect of manufacturing and incinerating plastic. It pollutes the air, land, water and even workers by releasing chemicals including carcinogens. 

 Here are some articles that we found helpful and informative:




 Now, let’s talk about the steps we are going to take in 2018 to be more intentional with the products we are using and how we are going to play a better part in this plastic issue. 

 The first step we will be incorporating is using Planet+ 100% Compostable Cups. These cups are made from 100% natural plant sugars and are 100% BPI certified compostable. Hooray for plants!

 The next step is serving iced drinks in glass cups for people staying in the shop. This may seem small, but after crunching the numbers it saves a great amount of plastic. Also, gives you the opportunity to save that plastic cup! :)

 The last step is bringing in a recyclable trash can in the shop. This will be a waste bucket for the plastic we are still using on a weekly basis. Recycle recycle recycle!