Tasting Room Update

This ones for those of you who have been following our progress or those who just want to know when we are getting this dang thing open!

I’ve been terrible at keeping this blog up to date so ill do better over the next few weeks as we more forward with getting our tasting room open. We received our plans back from the city last week on Monday and started the real work that will allow us to be fully operational there. This is a lateral move for us getting into this space so when you think of those super cool, trendy hip, beautiful spaces don’t think of us. Our tasting room is going to be simple, it’s simply going to be our next version of what we currently have plus a small standing room only cafe in the front, similar that the pop-up vibe we had going on (RIP). We were able to cut the concrete, dig the trenches and pretty much prep everything so plumbing can be laid to the front of the store by the middle of this week. While that is happening we are getting more bids for the electrical ($20,000-$40,000 yikes) and for AC ($20,000-$30,000 woof). I didn’t anticipate everything being so expensive but everyone told me whatever our budget was double it. The Kickstarter has been one of my greatest motivations in all of this. Our people have been crazy generous and people I don’t even know are giving to the cause. I am humbled by the response. If you haven’t supported us yet check it out HERE.

I told my contractor he has 30 days to get this done and that I wouldn’t be the one to keep him from moving fast. Old Russell is keeping with my timeline and so far I’ve been able to keep my word but this old man is faster than I thought. We’ll see who the slow one is. Can’t wait to share this space with you guys! Can’t believe we are almost there!