Arcade Staff Barista Competition


It’s Monday, October 2nd, and we’re still coming down from the excitement of hosting our first ever in-house barista competition. Corey has more color in his face, Kyle wasn’t upset during our weekly huddle, we weren’t getting on each others nerves as much and managed to get a full day of roasting in. “Anything in life worth doing is never easy, but is always worth it” is one of our core values at Arcade, and we lived it this month as we prepared for the Staff Barista Competition this past weekend.

The premise of the competition was that everyone on our team would prepare one drink of choice and serve three judges (we can’t serve everyone—yet!). We thought it would be something that would invite people into the space, give our team a way to expand their skills, and create a new menu item (that being the winning beverage). I thought there was going to be an all out mutant the Monday before the competition but we pulled through and made—what I thought— was a very fun and memorable event happen.

We had 100+ people crammed into our tasting room, bomb Korean BBQ tacos, incredible beer, and (obviously) coffee. Our friend Ian Loudon put together a little video to show what you missed out on. Enjoy!

Each Staff member presented their drink to the three judges: Karen Dunlap, represented the people, Larry Thai, Chef of W. Wolfskill and The Salted Pig, represented the culinary people and Jonathan Sepulveda, owner of Beyond the Grind, represented the coffee people. The competitors had 6 minutes to prep their station, and 6 minutes to present their drinks. They were scored on: Mouthfeel, Uniqueness, Overall Taste, & Presentation of the Drink (not their routine). I need to brag a little bit, each Arcade Staff member killed it. Their ideas were fantastic and the execution was on point. I couldn’t believe how well put together they were and I was so proud seeing all of them get up there and push themselves. Each of us was shaking while we poured for the judges, but somehow everyone kept it together. After the competition was over we realized we didn’t even get a chance to try each others drinks. So...we think it would be really cool to serve the drinks for a tasty Tuesday. Any thoughts?

Overall we felt like this event was a slam dunk. It for was a place to Create Shared Moments and anytime we do that we are happy. Hope you all loved it as much as we did!

Drink Recipes to come!