How to Brew Coffee at Home

One of the things that really got me into coffee was the fact that if I was going to continue enjoying specialty coffee I would eventually be broke and make my wife very upset. $4-$5 per pour-over was really hurting our budget and I needed a way to still enjoy the coffee without spending the same. I bought a V60, a kettle and a handmill grinder (I know there’s a little investment first)  and then started buying 12oz bags of anything I could get my hands on. Even after the initial $50 investment of equipment and my first bag I was going to save myself $10 after all was said and done. One bag yields around 12-15 cups of coffee so at $4 per pour-over I was in the positive, at-least that’s how I pitched it to Ashley. So I get your struggle, I’ve been there and I want to help. Because sometimes it’s just nice to wake up, make a cup of coffee, sit and relax in the comfort of your own home. For me making V60’s in the morning was part of my morning ritual. It was a calming time to stop in the busy morning and take in the moment and prep myself for the day. 

What you need:
Good Coffee - my current favorite is the Mutambu, Burundi
Good Water - you at-least want filtered water, or if you can use Arrowhead bottled water, DO NOT USE DISTILLED WATER!
Brewing Device - at home is use a Bonavita 5 Cup Brewer
Scale - I love my acaia scale, they are a little pricey but well worth it
Grinder - The Barratza encore is awesome, this is maybe the most important purchase of all.

Here’s my morning recipe.
47 grams of coffee
800ml of water
brew time around 5 minutes
grind size same coarseness as table salt

Weigh out your coffee. For my Bonavita I use 47 grams of coffee which is a 17:1 ratio of water to coffee ratio. I’ve found this to be the best and most consistent for my taste and totally my recommendation. Next you’ll want to use around 10 grams of coffee or a tablespoon full to purge your grinder. This gets out any old coffee or anything that was in your grinder before so that what you get in the final grind is the coffee you want to brew. Also make sure to check your grind size here. If its off, make the adjustment to make the grinder more or less coarse. Get rid of the purge coffee and then grind the coffee you’re going to brew. Add water to your kettle and heat to 195-205 degrees or to your brewer. If you’re adding it to your brewer make sure to add the amount from the ratio above. I add 800 ml or fill the brewer to the line where it says .8L. The Bonavita has this awesome setting for fresh coffee where you can hold it for 3-5 seconds and then it blinks. This put its in a mode where it blooms the coffee and does pulse pours. You want this for fresh coffee. After that the brewer does all the work for you. If you’re using a single pour over method (20-30 grams of coffee) bloom your coffee to around double the weight of the coffee. Let that sit for 30-45 seconds and then do your second pour up to 200ml (g) let that brew for a 45-60 seconds and then do another pour of 100ml (g) and let that brew for 45-60 seconds. The final pour should take you to your total amount from the ratio above. When it’s done fully brewing and there aren’t anymore drips coming from the filter, remove the filter and dispose of the grounds. Pour and drink some fine coffee!

This is by far one of my favorite recipes and has been a solid one for me when I am making coffee for friends and family. Hope you enjoy!